I really love everyone that is a part of this program. I really appreciate all that you guys do. This is something I hope my daughter will be able to attend when she is old enough. You guys always send the coolest stuff thank you so much and the snacks are such a huge help to our family right now specially being so low on food we appreciate all that you guys do.

  • Mrs. Crane

Natalia, thank you so much for everything you and your organization has done for my family. I appreciate the resources that we have received from you. These resources have helped my family move forward towards more success. Thank you once again.

  • Shelby

Thank you we really appreciate everything you guys were done for the kids this year

  • Langlois

You guys always send the coolest stuff thank you so much and the snacks are such a huge help to our family right now especially being so low on food we appreciate all that you guys do.

  • Tracy M.


I just wanted to say thanks so much for all you do. My kids enjoyed the project bags thru quarantine and enjoyed them yesterday. They had so fun fun with you guys that is all they talk about.

  • Godes

Thank you so much! You guys are amazing and we really appreciate you!

  • Baker

Exciting! My boys loved the "Project in a Bags" during covid!

  • Williams

Oh my goodness my kids loved the projects in a bag that is the coolest thing in the whole world. We actually have a little bird house with little babies all year long attached to our house so the kids loved the little bird feeder so they know they are helping feed the babies thank you so very much.

  • Parker

You guys are awesome  for doing this for the kids!

  • Lemmons

Oh he loved it he said that your guys program was absolutely amazing and he had a blast he said he wishes he could go every day. I really saw a difference in him yesterday.

  • Martinez

We love what you are doing with the kids. They are enjoying it so much. My kiddos are missing the leaders. But they are enjoying the bags as well.

  • Moses

Thank you i love your organization and what you guys are doing for the community and the kids Thank you so much for the help you're amazing

  • Triggs 

Thank you so much you don't know how much this is gonna help me. 

  • Hanna

Thank you so much for all you guys do!  You're amazing!

  • Buckholz

Thank you, It is an immense task you have undertaken, and a very important mission. You are not alone. 

  • Williamson 

You're doing a great job! Happy Mother’s Day in a big way your a very compassionate woman I’ve never met a woman quite like you your the shit! I appreciate what you do . Mother to the community!

  • Larry

They always have fun with these projects in a bag! Thank you so much these are always fun to receive If You Could Save Just One Natalia Gutierrez ❤

  • Vansant 

Just received November's projects in a bag an hour ago and I think you can see on Their faces that They were so happy! Thank You IYCSJO.

  • Janneen 

You guys make it all possible! Just One Rocks 

  • Hayes 

Awesome work 👍Keep up the great work!!

  • Waldref 

Driven by just one building a few times and wondered what it was about...learned it’s a awesome org, keep up the good work!

  • Wilson 

I just wanted to reach out and say how much I loved this program on top of how wonderful of a job each and everyone you did making sure each kid felt included even if they weren't picked up for days at the park even the projects in a bag were such a cool and fun way for me and my kids to have some extra arts and craft time together. Also thank you so much for the extra help I received when my family was struggling.

  • Smith

Thank you for an awesome summer of fun for our kiddos. You gave the kids a break for what's been an unfortunate situation with a confusing world to our kids . I appreciate and personally enjoyed being involved with each project bag that was delivered to the kids. Nothing has been the same for some time now and my daughter started to actually look forward to having fun 3 times a week. Thank you for all your time and energy in this event called' if you could save just one".

  • Rhoades

"Thank you so much for the projects. My daughter worked with her grandmother to make the pillow, and she is so pleased that she could do it herself! Blessings on all of you for the work that you do." (translated)

  • Anonymous

I honestly wouldn't change a thing I love everything about this program, what you stand for your mission with kids all of it, I'm so glad I found it.

  • Jones

Thank you to Just One! My daughter has been thoroughly enjoying the classes you provide and has been practicing Photoshop on her own time. We really appreciate the opportunity you have given her.

  • Annie

This an amazing organization that has helped me find resources that I didn’t know were in my community. Natalia helped me navigate the system when my own child got suspended at school.

  • GG

I signed up my daughter for “Crafts in a bag”. She is almost 13yrs old and these last six months have been super rough being stuck at home with Mom. We received your bag today and I can’t tell you how log it’s been since I’ve seen her face light up like that!

  • Anonymous

My son doesn't have alot of friends and the only time he got to socialize was at school. I am a disabled parent so my son doesn't get to do after school activities like most kids plus our financial strain play a huge part in that. We moved away from all my family and his friends to be with my husband so its been rough on him and he was also abused at some daycare when we first moved here my son is really smart and is super advanced for his age when it comes to school so alot of people don't have patience when it comes to my kid but he means well he just wants friends and to be liked by others. I really believe this program helped him in a huge way he came home happier every time.

  • Anonymous

My daughters both made new friends and it lightened the load on their dad and allow him to take a class to better our living situation in the free time.

  • Anonymous

It helped me while I was at work so the kids wouldn't fight as much and they had something to do and not be bored at home. The kids got involved and it's always nice coming home and asking them what fun things they did today or made! It was soo exciting

  • Anonymous

The kids were able to have fun and get lunch at no cost with a very difficult couple years. It's a great program for our children.

  • Anonymous

My son absolutely loved all the games and getting to make new friends.

I just want to say thank you for the extra help I received during the summer. My family is struggling a lot right now. My husband just left for Arizona because his grandfather is dying. We have no income and he just left me here with the kids so the projects and the snacks really help. I don't know what I am doing most days or how we're going to make it but I know I can always count on this group if I need to ask for help.

  • Anonymous