Just One’s community activities build connection, first and foremost. They let youth explore their real interests, have the chance to experiment with talents, feel safe in relationships with others, and find independent and creative paths of discovery that aren’t like school.

Our programs focus on making learning exciting and non-traditional, providing a safe space for exploration. Independence and creativity are at the core of our initiatives, fostering the growth of skills and confidence while navigating life.

Discover the range of activities we offer:

  1. After-school Community Center: For arts, music, STEMS programs, one-on-one mentorship led by our dedicated staff, focusing on building strong relationships and providing guidance 5 days a week.
  2. Summer Program: An 8-week program for 5th to 12th graders, July & Aug, including exciting field trips to places like the movies, water parks, ziplining, and more.
  3. Community Garden: A space for exploration and learning, yielding produce that is shared with the community through events and free access 24/7.
  4. Hygiene Kits: Addressing essential needs with the distribution of hygiene kits.
  5. Community Events: Collaborations with local organizations for engaging community events that connect and inspire.
  6. Halloween Haunted House: A spooktacular event organized by staff and youth.
  7. Thanksgiving Project in a Bag: Delivering meals to families in need with a side of entertainment, within certain zip codes.
  8. Christmas Gift Giveaway: Providing gifts to children during the holiday season.

During the Pandemic

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, Just One found ways to stay connected with youth and families. COVID-19 restrictions closed our building and paused in-person programming and mentorships. We pivoted by delivering Projects-in-a-Bag, monthly front-door deliveries tailored to each youth’s interests  (i.e., art, cosmetology, fashion, and science, gardening), complete with instructions to continue engaging our community. We launched online classes (including yoga and meditation, coding, technology, and more). We keep youth and families engaged and checked in with each registered family/youth. We use this program during Thanksgiving or as a back up plan for summer programs.

Calendar – Find Activities and Events

Explore our schedule of events and discover exciting activities for your youth at Just One. To get started, create a parent account, and seamlessly add your youth to the roster. This streamlined process ensures you can easily register your child for various events and programs. However, if you’re signing up for community service opportunities, no parent account is needed—simply apply directly for the event. Joining our community-focused initiatives has never been more accessible!