Just One’s community activities build connection, first and foremost. They let youth explore their real interests, have the chance to experiment with talents, feel safe in relationships with others, and find independent and creative paths of discovery that aren’t like school.

Along with independence and creativity, Just One activities can open the door to growing skills, confidence, and even job readiness and career paths.

During the Pandemic

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, Just One is finding a way to stay connected with youth and families. Explore our many online activities and courses in the calendar.

Calendar – Find Activities and Events

Check out our schedule of events. Click an activity to learn how to sign up. Check out Calendar.

Your Donation Makes a World of Difference

All these youth face risk factors and instability in their lives or homes, and Just One intervenes to build connection and relationships, giving them activities, friendships, and community that builds stability and resilience.