Halloween 2021 Project in a Bag

This Halloween, instead of JustOne hosting a haunted house, youth in our art program will be creating a Haunted Bus!

All youth who register for JustOne’s October Project in a Bag will have bags dropped off on their porch, as we’ve done in the past. If you are home on the day we drop the bagged project, you’ll have a chance to take a tour on the Haunted Bus. JustOne’s art class is cooking up some incredibly spooky props for you to see. We hope you get a chance to see what scary scenes the youth created!

You won’t want to miss this ghoulishly fun experience! Register now!

Register here https://ifyoucouldsavejustone.org/events/

*Our activities are suitable for ages 10 to 21— or older if the individual had a learning disability or special needs. JustOne delivers Project in a Bag to these ZIP codes: 99207, 99202, 99204, 99205, and 99201.

What is “Project in a Bag”?

“Project in a Bag” was Just One’s way of getting through Phase 2, LockDown & bad weather conditions! We had a great turnout with families, and appreciate each and everyone’s support sincerely!

As we are all trying to move forward, Just One is changed back to “In-Person” activities, as of June, 2021.

Projects in a Bag was designed during Covid-19. Our founder did not want kids to get too bored during virtual school and the pandemic shutdowns. When in-Person activities were stopped due to state regulations, it drove our founder to the idea of Project in a Bag! This allowed youth to continue exploring new things while exercising their skills and creativity while at home.

During the pandemic, Just One delivered Projects in a Bag to more than 200 youth each month!

The activities were suitable for ages 10 to 21— or older if the individual had a learning disability or special needs. Just One delivered Project in a Bag to these ZIP codes: 99207, 99202, 99204, 99205, and 99201.

If you have any ideas for Project in a Bag, contact us here!

. . . Ideas? Suggest Them!

Questions or Feedback? Contact Us

If you are have received Project in a Bags, and what to send us feedback, simply contact us. If you have any other questions, please get in touch.



Thanks to Project Beauty Share, Just One has received many donations of high-quality and often name-brand makeup and other cosmetic products. We will send you a grab bag of supplies to help you practice your cosmetology skills on yourself or a friend. These bags could include anything from eye shadow, primer, coverup, mascara, skin care products, or much more. You will also receive a flyer with helpful tips.



In this bag we will help you get your green thumb going! Receive various items like seeds, planter starter pots, and soil. As well as flyer on how to grow and raise the seed that you receive.



Become a designer and fashionista with the Fashion Project in a Bag! This bag varies month to month but always includes fabric and the materials necessary to create your own clothing piece. Previous projects include making a dog costume and creating your own mask.

Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts

Unleash your creative side with Arts & Crafts Project in a Bag. In this bag you will receive various art supplies to create your next masterpiece. Previous content has been canvases, paint, and brushes.

Your Donation Makes a World of Difference

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