DIY Crafts

Rag Rugs

In this video you will learn how to make your rags in to a awesome rug. Need materials? Contact us and ask we just might have donated materials to help.

Bleach Decor Ideas

For this video, you can learn how to recycle your old clothes to make new ideas for your wardrob. Make sure to not wear anything you dont want ruined while praticing this project.

Macrame Knots

Utilizing your yarn or rope to make some home decor. Following along with the instructions of this video. Need material? Contact us and ask if we have any donations to help you accomplish this craft.

Low Budget Decor

Need a cheap way to spif up your room? Try this idea.

Your Donation Makes a World of Difference

All these youth face risk factors and instability in their lives or homes, and Just One intervenes to build connection and relationships, giving them activities, friendships, and community that builds stability and resilience.