Request a Role Model

Looking for a role model for your child? Just One has volunteers who are ready to share their life experiences and make a difference in the life of a Spokane youth.

Role Models for Dinosaur Hunting, Pet Detectives, and Other Unique Interests

Need a role model for unusual interests, or a topic or skill not listed in the sign-up form? Just One has connections to a wide network of diverse and caring adults. We will search for someone who has the skills or experience to meet your youth’s special interest or unusual need. Just ask! Share your information below, and Just One will reach out to you to begin the process of matching your child with the right role model.

Your Donation Makes a World of Difference

All these youth face risk factors and instability in their lives or homes, and Just One intervenes to build connection and relationships, giving them activities, friendships, and community that builds stability and resilience.