Online Activities

During Covid 19, Just One collected and created these video series so youth can learn and practice skills while staying safe. These videos will remain here in an archive. Explore below at your own pace!

Martial Arts

Just One currently offers an Introduction course to Martial Arts for beginners that the whole family can follow along.


Just One has set up a step by step page on how to apply makeup for beginners from the beginning to cleansing your face and to the end of applying your lipstick.

Dog Clothes

In this online activity, you can learn how to recycle your old clothes or fabric to create dog clothes for your beloved pet!


Received your Garden in a Bag? Get started here with learning about the seeds you received on how to grow and take care of them.

Jewelry Making

Need more resources for how to make a necklace, bracelet, or anklet? Or just interested in learning how to make jewelry? Utilize this activity to do!

Your Donation Makes a World of Difference

All these youth face risk factors and instability in their lives or homes, and Just One intervenes to build connection and relationships, giving them activities, friendships, and community that builds stability and resilience.